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About Us | Fillfilah Restaurants

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About Us

Fillfilah Restaurants were founded in 1990 by FalehMohammad  Al Hajri . Fillfilah Restaurants now have Five locations, offer a substantial catering business, and have become the vanguard of a growing family-run food service company (Arabic Hospitality Group) with plans for global expansion with ISO HACCP Certified.

What makes Fillfilah Restaurants unique? At a time when Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region are witnessing a growing presence of transnational corporate restaurant chains, with many other “fast casual” restaurants all offering the same kind of food and the same kind of experience, Fillfilah Restaurants offer authentic, made-from-scratch Arabian cuisine at affordable prices in a culturally-appropriate setting. Fillfilah Restaurants provide customers with the best traditions of Arabian hospitality.
Unlike many other restaurants in the “fast casual” category, Fillfilah Restaurants only use fresh, healthful and well-chosen ingredients. There is no high-volume, over-processed, “sauce in a bag” food preparation at Fillfilah Restaurants. We are also proud to offer exceptional cleanliness and the highest levels of food safety – our kitchen staff is trained to the utmost standards, and we hold ourselves personally accountable for the health and happiness of our guests.

At every Fillfilah Restaurant, you will find customers dining together, sharing warmth and laughter at the dinner table, enjoying the comforts of authentic Arabian food that is made from scratch and “made with love.” Fillfilah Restaurants are as comfortable as the “neighborhood living room” – approachable, friendly, and reflecting the best hospitality traditions of Saudi Arabia and the wider region.

Our Vision

Fillfilah provides high quality food products to its customers, to develop the expertise as well as possessing the technology to produce food items at a very competitive price compared to the leading imported brands following recognized standards and specifications, at all times.

Our Mission

To develop a name as a dependable supplier and producer of quality food products at reasonable prices in the market .To meet its challenges, customer satisfaction is our focus and we shall continue to pursue of improving the quality of our products and services.

Our services